The Erinys Approach

Our extensive experience of providing security and support services in Africa and the Middle East has taught us the value of combining local and regional expertise with the highest international standards of risk and project management.

We select and empower the best people to work in our regional and country offices. We have successfully established a network of fully registered and legally compliant business platforms in each of the countries in which we work. This allows us to update regularly our local knowledge, expertise and procedures, and respond immediately and effectively to the evolving needs of our clients.

The five hallmarks of this uniquely successful decentralised Erinys Approach are:

1 - A sophisticated understanding of the value to our clients in creating a safe and secure environment.

2 - A willingness to engage with host nation communities to resolve security challenges and a readiness to recruit, train, develop and embed local talent and capabilities in the services we offer.
3 - Close and continuous contact with our clients to ensure we adjust and adapt our services to meet emerging and new requirements.
4 - World-class consultants and security project personnel, highly trained, with appropriate language skills and cultural awareness.
5 - Rigorous quality control, assurance and compliance.