Design and Integrate the Technical Solution

Advances in technology over the last decade are having a very significant effect on the design and implementation of security strategies. Asset tracking, biometrics, digital surveillance and mobile telephone technology are just some of the applications increasingly used as part of modern security systems. But these systems are only as good as the people designing and operating them. With increasing use of technology by criminals, unless used correctly in conjunction with appropriate procedures and safeguards, systems can be subverted.
We understand the need for secure systems that permit only controlled, authorised access, yet offer ease of use and speed of operation. Our seasoned consultants balance these identification, access and security requirements with efficient, user-friendly solutions that work dependably and are built to last.

The array of technical options now available from suppliers can be daunting, often confusing, and usually expensive. Because we are a fully vendor-independent company, Erinys retains the flexibility to monitor new technological developments and apply the most appropriate of these to the design of best value, most up-to-date and most effective solutions. Furthermore, we take special care to find the optimal balance between people based and technology enabled services in order to achieve our clients' desired security outcomes.