Our Core Values

Our Core Values set Erinys apart from other security companies. They underpin, guide and reflect all that is outstanding in what Erinys - and those that have served under its banner, have and continue to achieve.

Erinys' Core Values are:

  • Professional Excellence. This touches on everything we do, at every level. It means conducting all our operations and business affairs to the highest of standards at all times, such that we command the respect of our clients, stand out as a market leader and are seen within the industry as setters of the standards that others seek to follow.

      • Community. There is a very tangible sense of community within Erinys. This includes a strong sense of loyalty to the team within the Company and an enduring, collective commitment to making the business a success. This value, quite naturally, cascades forward into our markets where our record of building lasting, valued and meaningful relationships with our clients has and continues to be exceptional.

          • Pioneering Approach. We have been and continue to be innovative and pioneering in the ways in which we design and deliver our services and products to our clients. We continue to develop new methods and techniques to meet rapidly changing and varied operating environments. Our pedigree as pioneers was well established during our work in post-conflict Iraq creating the Oil Protection Force, and subsequently in supporting the US Army Corps of Engineers' reconstruction mission. More recently, our work resolving conflict in the Niger Delta and elsewhere in Africa has embellished our pioneering tradition.