“InSight lets you understand why things are happening instead of just what is happening”

InSight™ delivers quality information and market intelligence that enables situational understanding of remote and difficult environments.

InSight™ is ideal for clients who may be contemplating market entry, clients who are concerned about the security of an existing project or simply a require better understanding of their competitors.

The InSight™ suite of services can be configured to address specific client information and intelligence requirements from analysis on the societal conditions to an overview of the security situation and how this might affect business strategies.

Daily Insight

Erinys InSight™ Services:

• Daily, Weekly and Monthly Open & Closed Source Intelligent Digests and Analysis
• Client Directed Research and Reports
• Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
• Investigative and Due Diligence Services
• Incident Updates and Analysis

For a customised quotation or further information email insight@erinys.net

InSight™ Daily Digest for Africa will be available as an App to all suscribed clients as a complimentary alternative delivery method. The App is available for *IOS (Apple), *Blackberry and *Android users
* Version of operating system dependant

Non-subscribers who come across the App in the various stores will be able to view an old example of the Daily Digest and be referred to contact us to subscribe to the traditional email products in order to gain access to the App.